Safety starts with orientation and awareness

What is Maptomize

item02Easy to use
The digital map consists of various layers. This allows the user to select relevant information and the plan remains clear. Operation is simple via a touch screen that allows users the required information, in multiple languages​​, at any time to retrieve. The map can easily be changed is through an online management system.

By calling up random information "on-demand“, via touch, the maps remain more manageable. The map is built up in layers. This makes it possible for the user to call up the most relevant information. This information is simple to change by you, through an online management system

outdoor touchscreen2Safety 2.0
Security has an important role within the map. In addition to displaying objects, departure and arrival times, public places, walking-times, or what ever you like, the maps can be expanded with AED’s, escape routes, fire extinguisher, first aid posts and everything that contributes to the (company) security. In case of emergency, it is possible to indicate the location of the emergency so that one can always find the right escape route. Through a button it’s possible to text all the in-house emergency officers in one time or to call up an instruction video about the AED. So with a minimum of actions, it’s possible to keep your digital maps up-to-date, and you will be ready for a safe future.

Social Media
Social media plays an important role in the current time so also in disasters. Take, for example, the Pukkelpop festival (B), the fire at ChemPack in Moerdijk (NL) or the tsunami in Japan. Everybody was very quickly aware of the situation. Using Twitter to make a tag available, for example #yourlocation, and making the communication about the emergency visible on the interactive map ,one is directly informed about the current situation. It is also possible to make the crisis communication more manageable here and to set your map up as a checkpoint for a view on twitter, foursquare and facebook.

Mobile phone
iphone2By connecting with mobile phones via a link or QR-code, the map can also be made visible on the mobile internet. In this way, one can simply take the map on pocket format. It is also possible to see the information through a Layar application. By holding the window of the photo camera in the direction of the environment you want to see, all the important information appears.

Return of Investment
You often see advertorials next to a map. With these interactive maps you can attract more advertisers by rotating the ads. By implementing smart ad models now, it allows you to generate more revenues possibilities from your interactive maps. With this many features you offer the advertisers a possibility to respond quickly on trends.