Safety starts with orientation and awareness


map manager4Safety has an important role within the map. In addition to displaying objects, departure and arrival times, public places, walking-times, or what ever you like, the maps can be expanded with AED’s, escape routes, fire extinguisher, first aid posts and everything that contributes to the (company) safety. In case of emergency, it is possible to indicate the location of the emergency so that one can always find the right escape route. Through a button it’s possible to text all the in-house emergency officers in one time or to call up an instruction video about the AED. So with a minimum of actions, it’s possible to keep your digital maps up-to-date, and you will be ready for a safe future.

Digital Signage Safety

DSS includes products and services which support communication, in advance of safety. This begins with orientation and awareness to prevent calamities and accidents, supporting communication in times of crisis. DSS focuses on current technology and communication platforms in order to develop advanced security products known as Safety 2.0.

 Intelligent assembly points

From a central point you can communicate with the attendees within seconds, at a refinery for instance, and understand the circumstances that may affect the safety and the emergency.Unlike the more usual assembly points, information in the intelligent assembly point is more adapted to individual circumstances.This solution accelerates and supports communication in emergencies and can thus saving lives.

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