• outdoor totem touchscreen Public Places

    Shopping centers, airports, libraries, city halls, etc.

    Everybody needs orientation and awareness in all public places. Digital Maps will help you there.....

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  • item02 Industry

    All kinds of industries

    Safety plays an enormous role in the environment and on the perimeter of a plant or industry. The safety solutions of Digital Safety Signage are fit for this purpose.

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  • item03 Events/ Exhibitions

    Event halls, Exhibition centers, Expo's

    Find your path of interest on exhibitions and expo's, with our solution Digital Maps.

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  • Bedelvaart plattegrond2 Map examples

    Historical citymaps

    We can create your maps and customize them, in this columns you can find some examples:

    Historical CityMaps are made to present the tourist the important viewing points of a city.

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  • Quintus totaal isometrie V1


    For orientation and awareness in a building a digital map is indispensable.

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  • toptrends

    Exhibitions and Expo's

    Try to find your way at an event or exhibition?? Download the digital map to your smartphone.

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Maptomize, digital public wayfinding

map manager4Digital maps are called maptomize on touchscreens, big tablets, and are an excellent alternative to paper maps with many advantages such as:

  • Saving paper.
  • You can perform an immediate change in the MapManager.
  • The reception will be relieved so the personel is able to answer many questions that commonly arise.
  • It is safer by a better orientation.
  • Maptomize is tuned for an variety of industries¬†
  • Maps for malls
  • Maps for airports
  • Maps for exhibitions
  • Plans for industry (safety plan)
  • Plans for the recreationsites
  • Maps for cities¬†

Obviously the touchscreen software is so flexible that we can configure the plan to your needs. All maps can be changed from any computer with the MapManager.

Without these Maps you're lost!!